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The Lotos Club, one of the oldest literary clubs in the United States, was founded on March 15, 1870, by a group of young writers, journalists and critics. Samuel L. Clemens (Mark Twain), an early member (1873), called Lotos “The Ace of Clubs.”  Had you visited Lotos a century ago, you would have rubbed shoulders with journalists, scholars, musicians, painters and sculptors, art collectors, historians, novelists and college presidents, just as you do today.

Decade after decade of Lotos history is filled with magnificent entertaining, sharp-witted oratory, grand food, concerts, art shows, evenings with presidents and mayors, literary roundtables and lavish State Dinners.

In 1947, the Club entered its present home at Five East Sixty-sixth Street. A fine example of French Renaissance architecture, the building was designed by Richard Howland Hunt. It was built in 1900 by Mrs. Elliott F. Shepard, daughter of William H. Vanderbilt, as a wedding gift for her daughter, Mrs. William Jay Schieffelin. 

THE LOTOS CLUB  •   Five East Sixty-sixth Street  •  New York City 10065 •  (212) 737-7100